Need an attorney for a car accident, medical malpratice, workers' compensation, social security disability, or other personal injury case? We can help!

A recent accident may cost you more than you can afford to pay, and may result in long term problems. Insurance companies have lawyers protecting their interest - you need the same protection.

As the law has become more complex, we have restricted our practice to cases involving personal injury or death. Our personnel are trained and equipped to prepare every personal injury case for settlement or trial. We believe this allows us to do a better job for injured persons and their families. If you need help, you can see us for free. We are paid only if we win your claim and you collect.

On this site you will find some helpful information on what to do after an accident. If we can be of service to you, your family or friends, please feel free to call 525-2525. We want to help.

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